Thursday, November 24, 2011

What is your brand?

Are you transparent?

Could you describe your brand to someone else?

Is taking the risk worth the gain?

Are you willing to put yourself out there even if it means you're wrong?

I hope that I'm being transparent. I hope that when I make blog posts or post videos that I find interesting that you're discovering my personality and seeing who I really am. I hope that by being myself I attract all types of people to me: Friends, Clients, Comrades, Other Real People.

The world is full of enough people that bullshit everyone around them with "openness" and "honesty".... I hope that what you see here is just the table of contents to what meeting me in person, being my friend,  and working with me is like.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Starting new projects

Winter time always seems to be slow for photographers. There's the occasional Phenom that seems to be so busy that they forgot what their name is, but for the most part this time of year is when many photographers hunker down and prepare for the dry season.

Instead of succumbing to the dry season I'll be taking advantage of the fact that I won't have as many gigs this winter. In fact, I'll be starting a few new projects to help round out my portfolio. I was flipping through my portfolio this month and discovered that most of my subjects are 18-25 year-olds with the occasional subject being late 20's. I've decided that I need to change that. Starting very soon I'll focus my efforts on the 30-50 year-old demographic; perhaps highlighting a personality trait that helps identify them. Soon after I'm satisfied with my results, I'll focus on retirees and what they've accomplished thus far. It should be a fun project that helps me expand my portfolio and add some interesting and noteworthy content to my portfolio and give these subjects some great photos to share with their friends and family.

If you happen to know someone in the 30-50 demographic, let me know. I'd love to make a portrait of them. I've recently written an ad to put on Craigslist, but starting with my followers (all 3 of you) seems like a good place to get my feet wet.

I've got to get to bed. I have a shoot Saturday morning. Last time I didn't get enough sleep I had to drink so much tea I swore I spent more time in the bathroom than I did shooting.... ;-)