Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm terrible at blogging

I'm just awful at blogging. I don't write constantly. I think maybe if I was Jasmine Star I'd have a half million people sitting at the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting my next entry...but I don't have that pressure. I don't feel the need to do well at making a blog post about where I'll be shooting this weekend....

oh... dangit.

See, I AM shooting this weekend. I'm flying out to Nashville to shoot a design and fashion portfolio for a friend of mine. She's been designing and fabricating clothes for more than a decade. She's trying to break into her industry with a fury like non other, and so am I. Actually I'm sure she wouldn't describe it that way, but the fury part is all me. :-)

There's something about uncharted territory that's always so much fun. I can see the portfolio coming together and turning into a viable piece of work on it's own, but how it will ACTUALLY look is not something I can foresee, which is the exciting part. Once you put that much effort into something it takes on a life of it's own and turns into something amazing.

After I get back, I have to start finishing out that project and working on two others. I need to shoot, edit, and submit my video entry to get a shot at being in the CreativeLIVE studio audience for ZackArias' photography class. I really want to be there, so I'll need to get off my ass and show him how creative and witty I can be. It's going to be nerve wracking putting myself in front of one of my heroes but it must be done. Hopefully Ryan Connolly or Vincent Laforet will be proud of my film-making skills.

After I the video finished up, I have to clean up and finish pre-production on a pinup calendar project that my friend Joelle is producing. It's going to be pretty hip. I'm hoping for a slightly contemporary but mostly film noir twist on this completely saturated but very cool genre. Our plan is to complete the 2012 calendar and then sell it at various record stores and other "hip" places on consignment and then donate all the proceeds to a charity of some sort. That plan might change, but I hope we're able to make something cool and get it out there to share with people and give back to those in need.

Speaking of needs, I need to get crackin. I have a lot to do before I leave tomorrow for Nashville. If anyone reads this, drop a line and let me know. Even if one person read it I'd be happy. Otherwise, this Dear Diary is going to get lonely on some google server all by itself.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


One thing that our Forefathers wanted to ensure that we as Americans have is the idea of a copyright: The ability to be creative and use that creativity to make money to, in turn, be creative again and sustain the creative flow. This is something that humans wrestle with everyday. Everyone is a copyright infringer. We've all copied images, music, sounds, software, and other things and we're not even aware of it, or if we ARE aware, we might not care.

We need to care.

The wonderful Chase Jarvis shared this video on his blog; from the ASMP panel about this exact subject. Take a listen. It applies to all creatives.

Panel Discussion from Registration Counts on Vimeo.